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We believe that Silver Bullet Studios represents a community of artists, musicians and friends above all else.  Over the years, some of our most respected clients have shared kind words about us during interviews, on stage, or in various articles. Here are a few testimonials that we are both thankful and honored to have;

"Greg Thomas's enthusiasm for creating music - from the beginnings of the writing process all the way through the minutiae of dialing in the final touches on a perfect mix - that's what sets him apart from the rest. He loves the entire process and when you work with him it's contagious and you love it along with him. There is certainly no shortage of great gear, quality instruments and technical know-how at Silver Bullet... all are essential elements. But it's Greg's guidance and the comfort of the working environment there that allows you to capture the maximum amount of passion in your songs. The music we all love best is the music injected with feeling, and it's Greg's consistent ability to do exactly that which makes the recordings coming out of Silver Bullet all drip with authentic emotion."

- Ryan Morgan (Misery Signals, 7angels7plagues, Burning Empires)

"Besides an impressive arsenal of outboard and "in-box" gear, as well as a plethora of high-end instruments including a grand piano, Silver Bullet Studios' biggest asset is their engineer/producers. Greg and Chris are true lovers of music, and recording with them has always been a constructive and enjoyable experience- and they know how to get the best performances out of the musicians they work with."

- Jake Woodruff (Defeater, Dreamtigers, Ambitions)

"Without question, our band has laid out the majority of our musical legacy at Silver Bullet Studios. LPs, EPs, Singles, Demos, B-Sides, C-sides, you name it: we’ve done it here. As I now marvel at the enormity of having literally spent a full-year of my life at Silver Bullet, through all the various recordings, I’m struck by this simple fact:


Silver Bullet Studios is where I’ve told my life story through music.


As I reflect on so many different recordings, I’m completely taken by the reverence for greatness with which Greg and his team treated each and every one of our songs and records. We never wanted a good record: we wanted a timeless masterpiece, and Greg wanted it as badly as any of us. Through it all, I could always sense that these songs meant as much to him as they did to us. I knew that at 12:36am on Day 41 of a session, that he was in the fight with us: that documenting the story of my own life meant as much to him as it did to me.


And of course, it’s no wonder why Greg and the Silver Bullet staff understand the importance of this “document.” They’re the ones who heard that same record when they were fifteen and had it change their lives too. They’re the ones who have that album tattooed on their skin as well . Hell… they were in some of those fucking bands. And now, they’re the ones who record the albums that leave that kind of imprint on the rest of us.


I could tell you about their impeccable gear list, the warmth of the live room, or the staff’s rare knack for getting tones and takes. But really, what sets this place apart is one of this world’s hardest-earned qualities: trust. When I record at Silver Bullet, I can at least trust one thing: I’m going to leave with the record I always dreamt of making."

- Chris "Cmar" Martin (Hostage Calm, Fight Song, At All Costs)

"For an engineer/producer there is a fine line between pushing a band above and beyond their own expectations and abuse.  For Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios this line is scrawled out by the claws of a life size Freddy Kruger replica that keeps watch over the entrance of the studio.  The result is music that always sounds excellent and captures artists pushed to their absolute best.  So, fuck the line.  Greg is one of my closest friends and musical confidant for the past decade.  We have toured, recorded and written music together.  He was the first to give my band The Attending a shot at a professional level recording early on in the life of the studio and without a soul-crushing price tag.  This trend continues today as the crew here at Silver Bullet put music, community and encouragement first.  He once told a drummer of mine to not hit like they were sprinkling fairy dust.  That drummer was me… an impostor on my own record.  Let’s admit it though.  That is great advice.  Encouragement.  Plus they have a LOT of amps and know how to use the volume knob!  Community.  He once let me spend an hour just recording feedback.  Music."


- Corey Stroffolino (La Dispute, The Attending, Life In Your Way)

"There is something truly magical about Silver Bullet Studios. I've spent a lot of time in many different studios all over the world, and Silver Bullet truly stands out. I think it all begins with Greg and Chris, who are two dudes who truly care about art and stepping outside of the lines to create incredible things. You would think this would be standard amongst engineers and producers, but it sadly is not. Greg cares about every project he takes on, and wants to take it to the furthest point it can go, and fuck it, he usually takes it one step further. During one of the sleepless nights creating that record, we all coined a phrase that I think sort of sums up Silver Bullets ethos, and that is "Deep Thoughts, From Deep In The Shit." Never have I met another pair of workers who are willing to stay up all night, for three days straight, pushing every artistic boundary to create something special. But that is where music spawns from, deep in the depths of the shit. And that's what set's Silver Bullet Studios apart. Every time Make Do And Mend spends time there, we always have some sort of out of body experience. We once stayed up for three days straight, creating an acoustic record that pushes all of the boundaries of what you might think of an acoustic record. We always turn to Greg and Chris when we know we want to do something unique, because we know that they are always willing to go there, to take that shot."

- Matt Carroll (Make Do And Mend)

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